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Our Painting Services

Yves De Wilde Quality Painting Service provides competitively-priced painting for NSW Northern Rivers including Byron residents and business owners. With our painting, quality never takes a backward step. We are a Dulux accredited painter. The excellent paint products from Dulux can be trusted to deliver the best possible results.

When budgets are pushed, we do all we can to make painting by the right numbers work for you. To allow some flexibility with prices, we can just as easily source paints from other brands. Whether painting interiors or exteriors, Yves De Wilde Quality Painting Service focuses on 3 things: your budget, your timeline, and our quality.
Window — Painter in Lismore, NSW

Domestic Painting

Painting your home—or any other structure on your property—is an investment. The finish should be flawless, the colour beautiful. It’s your home, where you and your family spend time day after day. It should inspire. Of course, if you’re putting your house on the market, this would be a paint job that should return on your investment, as expected.

We do interior and exterior paint on any domestic structure. We have the equipment, the skills and the experience to get the job done no matter what surfaces are to be painted. Colour choices present numerous possibilities. A colour consultation can be invaluable. We provide this service.

As many past clients can tell you, a colour consultation service can often yield the most pleasant of surprises. Colours are revealed in their interaction with light and space in ways that will do that. Of further interest, you can also choose between regular paints, protective paints or investigate the wonders of specialty finishes and textured coatings.

Commercial Painting

First impressions count. This is abundantly clear in shops, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Customers are only human. Choose your painter with that in mind. It can make the difference between ‘welcome’ and ‘where am I?’ So too, paint quality in offices. Pleasant working environments reap rewards, among them loyalty and diligence. Quality painting can make a dramatic difference to the ambience of your commercial buildings.

Trust the professionals at Yves De Wilde. We provide colour consultation services and we paint all types of commercial property, including industrial structures and non-traditional commercial buildings. Our 40+ years of experience will bring you quality results and great value.
Balcony — Painter in Lismore, NSW

Heritage Painting

Painting Heritage properties is a specialty at Yves De Wilde Quality Painting Service. Our experience and expertise comes to the fore in restorations of structures of historical significance. We know the building materials and the colour schemes.

If you own or manage a heritage building anywhere in the NSW Northern Rivers region, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Yves De Wilde Quality Painting Service. Our expertise, equipment and experience will ensure you get exceptional work at the best prices for Heritage painting that is worthy of these fine buildings.

Colour Consultancy

Picking the right colour is more than just choosing what you think will look good. For businesses, it should mean selecting a colour that would have your customers in a state of mind to make a purchase. In your offices, you should find colours that make your visitors and staff feel included.

At home, your choice of interior colours will depend on the activities in each room. Living rooms and bedrooms generally have a relaxing ambience, with kitchens and bathrooms colours more vibrant. The impact of colours is affected by light and space. We will be happy to help you explore the possibilities for your property.

If your wanting to change the colour of your exterior walls, the effect can be dramatic. Benefit from our experience and contact us for a colour consultation. Together with a free quote for the painting itself, you will have peace of mind with Yves De Wilde at your service.

A simple, neutral palette filled with
plenty of warmth.

Colours to blend contemporary design with vintage style.

A tonal green palette to nurture and regenerate.

Cocoon yourself in this immersive and opulent palette.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is preparation prior to painting?
Surface preparation is very important. Quality finishes with long-lasting results depend on it. Preparing the surface properly before we paint, together with using high quality paint products, such as Dulux, is a guarantee of quality. At Yves De Wilde Quality Painting Service, we like to get the job done right the first time. This underpins what it means for us to be a Master Painters Association member, as well as a Dulux-accredited partner—we can offer our customers fully warrantied work, as well as paint work that is second to none.
How can I get my painting done cheaper?
Can I change the colour once painting has begun?
How long do you take on the average house painting job?